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SubjectRe: VGA handling was [Re: Going beyond 256 PCI buses]

> You going to have to enable/disable I/O, MEM access, and VGA pallette
> snooping in the PCI_COMMAND register of both boards every time you go
> from rendering text on one to rendering text on the other. If there
> are bridges leading to either device, you may need to fiddle with VGA
> forwarding during each switch as well.
> You'll also need a semaphore or similar to control this "active VGA"
> state.
> Really, I don't think this is all that good of an idea.

Yes I know. Also each card needs it own special functions to handle
programming the CRTC, SEQ registers etc. Perhaps for real multihead
support I guess the user will have to use fbdev. vgacon can just exist for
single head systems. I guess it is time to let vga go. It is old technology.

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