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SubjectRe: Gigabit Intel NIC? - Intel Gigabit Ethernet Pro/1000T
I know, jumping in at this late-stage is bad form... but if we're talking
about the Intel 82543GC Gigabit MAC, why doesn't someone just use the
FreeBSD if_wx.c driver as a starting point?

It took me a while to find, as they refer to it as the LIVENGOOD instead of
the 82543, but the PCI ProductID values seem to match...


On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 10:29:26PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > As I see it, if Shawn has permission to freely distribute the specs,
> > he can send a copy to Alan Cox for forwarding to the relevant driver
> > developers. However, if he has to sign an NDA to get them, they're
> > useless...
> >
> > Alan: Am I right in assuming this?
> It depends on the NDA. Lots of vendors NDA their docs because they give enough
> info to cloen the hardware, or explain how to fab the chip, or include personal
> details of employees .. and a million other reasons. Many sensible, many quite
> daft.
> But in my experience you have a better chance of getting a straight answer out
> of a politician than intels networking folks. Maybe they have reformed
> Alan
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