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SubjectRe: 3com Driver and the 3XP Processor
So are there any intresting changes one can make to the acenic?  I've got
one, mostly unused right now. I've been told it is mostly a pair or R5ks
hooked back to back. Would anyone have a recommendation for a replacement
to the 3cr990?

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, David S. Miller wrote:

> writes:
> > Erm, that is going to be a problem. Crypto benifits more from open source
> > than any other market segment, and binary only drivers for linux are not
> > the way to go. I guess I need to get rid of my 5-10 3cr990s and replace
> > them with someone else's product?
> Many of us on the networking developer team believe that making the
> programming interface to the cpus on the Tigon3 is the biggest mistake
> 3com could ever make.
> What made the Acenic so ubiquitous and interesting was that you could
> program the firmware on the board to do whatever you like. They even
> provided an entire firmware developer kit so you could hack on it.
> So many useful projects came from this capability.
> I feel dirty working on the Tigon3 driver for 2.4.x because of this.
> Later,
> David S. Miller

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