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SubjectRe: 3com Driver and the 3XP Processor

Kip Macy writes:
> The acenic is definitely a kick-ass card. One's natural
> inclination is to assume that an interface is obscured because
> it is second rate.

No, that's not my take. My personal view is that 3com thinks that
allowing anyone to program the card like that was the biggest mistake
Alteon made with the Acenic.

Heh, "heavy intellectual property", it's a friggin' cpu that can
access the cards onboard memory and registers. Sounds like just
another Acenic with a new PCI front-end to me. If they are referring
to their IPSEC microcode when they say this, we don't care about that
just show us how to program the chip and we'll write our own :-)

David S. Miller

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