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SubjectRe: Going beyond 256 PCI buses
David S. Miller writes:
> Albert D. Cahalan writes:

>> You've added an ioctl. This isn't just any ioctl. It's a
>> wicked nasty ioctl. It's an OH MY GOD YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS
>> ioctl by any standard.
> It's an ioctl which allows things to work properly in the
> framework we currently have.

It's a hack that keeps us stuck with the existing mistakes.
We need a transition path to get us away from the old mess.

>> Fix:
>> /proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/config config space
> Which breaks xfree86 instantly. This fix is unacceptable.

Nope. Keep /proc/bus/pci until Linux 3.14 if you like.
The above is /proc/bus/PCI. That's "PCI", not "pci".
We still have /proc/pci after all.

> In fact, the current ioctl/mmap machanism was discussed with and
> agreed to by the PPC, Alpha, and Sparc64 folks.

Did you somehow miss when Linus scolded you a few weeks ago?
How about asking somebody who helps maintain /proc, like Al Viro?
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