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Subject2.4.6pre3aa1 [was Re: 2.4.6pre2aa2 [was Re: 2.4.5aa1]]
Diff between 2.4.6pre2aa2 and 2.4.6pre3aa1:

Moved on top of 2.4.6pre3.

Only in 2.4.6pre2aa2: 00_alpha-compile-swapon-1
Only in 2.4.6pre2aa2: 00_x86-entry.S-fix-1

Merged in 2.4.6pre3.

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 00_backout-gcc-3_0-patch-1

Backout 2.4.6pre3 gcc 3.0 change.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 00_alpha-warnings-1

Fix alpha warning from Jeff.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.4.6pre2aa2: 00_ksoftirqd-5
Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 00_ksoftirqd-6

Replace _NOVERS with %c0.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.4.6pre2aa2: 00_o_direct-8
Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 00_o_direct-9

Improve truncate_inode_pages and invalidate_inode_pages2.

This patch triggered a bug in the alpha port where O_DIRECT
was defined as O_SYNC. O_DIRECTIO of tru64 is defined as ours
O_NOFOLLOW, so some breakage is going on. To at least allow
O_SYNC to work on alpha I defined for now O_DIRECT as 02000000
and we'll possibly change it later.


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 00_backout-udelay-1
Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1: 10_alpha-udelay-1

Replace 2.4.6pre3 change with a better fix proposed by me and
implemented by Jeff.

(nice to have)

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