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SubjectRe: 2.4.5 data corruption
> Folks, I believe I have a reproducible test case which corrupts data in
> 2.4.5.

2.4.5 has an out of date 3ware driver that is short

+ - Allocate bounce buffers and custom queue depth for raid5 for
+ 6000 and 5000 series controllers.
+ Reduce polling mdelays causing problems on some systems.
+ Fix use_sg = 1 calculation bug.
+ Check for scsi_register returning NULL.
+ Add aen count to /proc/scsi/3w-xxxx.
+ Remove aen code unit masking in tw_aen_complete().
+ - Remove unit from printk in tw_scsi_eh_abort(), causing
+ possible oops.
+ Fix possible null pointer dereference in tw_scsi_queue()
+ if done function pointer was invalid.
+ - Fix possible null pointer dereferences in tw_ioctl().
+ Remove check for invalid done function pointer from
+ tw_scsi_queue().

That might be a first thing to check

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