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SubjectAbout KDKBDREP
Some days ago I posted patch to introduce KDKBDREP ioctl
to i386 keyboard routines. KDKBDREP is defined in linux/kd.h
but now he is used only on m68k. In sparc architectures is used
KIOCSRATE, on i386 -- user-space utility kbdrate and I know
nothing about others. It seems to be better to use one ioctl on
all of archs because:
- it unifies keyboard rate setting;
- it will be done in kernel context avoiding cases of simultaneous
access same I/O ports by different programs. (see A.Cox msg).
In previous patch I had tried to change i386 kbd files in order
to inmplement KDKBDREP. Now I changed sparc files in such a fashion.
But I haven't sparc box and cannot test my changes so I'll be
very glad if someone test my patch. Thanks advance.

PS: please CC replies to my email because I'm not subscribed
on linux-kernel.

Sergey Tursanov[unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
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