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SubjectRe: SMP module compilation on UP?
On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 02:50:35AM +1000, Keith Owens wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jun 2001 17:43:54 +0300,
> Mark Mokryn <> wrote:
> >Is this the only way - to keep two separately configured kernel source
> >trees? No way to do it via some flag?
> With 2.4, yes. You need a complete set of kernel source for every set
> of config files you use because the object code is written to the
> source directory. With 2.5 you can have a single source tree and
> multiple object trees, one for each config that you are working on.

Use cp -al to replicate your kernel source tree before configuring. It
creates a tree with hard links, so you don't waste disk space.
Just don't forget to unlink() the files, if you edit them manually. (*)

garloff@garloff:~/Physics/numerix $ type unlink
unlink is a function
unlink ()
for name in $*;
test -f $name && {
mv $name $name~$PPID;
cp -pd $name~$PPID $name;
rm $name~$PPID

(*) If you use emacs, you don't need to unlink before edit. The backup file
will stay linked, but the edited is unique. patch does unlink, so
patching is no problem. vi does NOT unlink.

Kurt Garloff <> Eindhoven, NL
GPG key: See mail header, key servers Linux kernel development
SuSE GmbH, Nuernberg, FRG SCSI, Security
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