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SubjectRe: [patch] 2.4.6-pre3 unresolved symbol do_softirq

Keith Owens writes:
> It works for integers but call do_softirq is more of a problem. I
> could not find an asm constraint that generated correct code in a
> single instruction. The closest I could get was
> __asm__("call *%%eax" : : "a" (do_softirq));
> The 'obvious'
> __asm__("call %0" : : "m" (do_softirq));
> calls to a location that contains the address of do_softirq, oops.
> Any other architectures that call do_softirq inside asm would need
> similar hard coding of indirect branches. It is simpler to export
> do_softirq with no version, and have cleaner asm.

Why doesn't this work on x86?

#define my_symbol my_symbol_versioned
extern void my_symbol(void);

__asm__("call %0" : : "i" (my_symbol));

David S. Miller
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