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SubjectRe: [isocompr PATCH]: announcing stable port to kernel 2.2.18

I was not aware of the zisofs patch... I will be looking at it
in these days, and try to compare it to the isocompr patch (that
was also brought to our attention by people on the list quite a long
time ago, but we only ended up fixing it recently :-)).

I will keep you posted on the results (this does not prevent others
from doing the comparison, of course, but I promise to post a result


>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:

>> > sometime in the future (I have been looking at 2.4.x code, but the new
>> page > cache means some changes might be needed: I will try to post a
>> first version > for 2.4.x soon).
>> I think that 2.5.0 should be your target... It is definitely new feature,
>> and both 2.4.X and 2.2.X are in feature freeze.

Alan> How is it different to HPA's zisofs which already exists for 2.4 ?
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