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SubjectRe: entries for Bluetooth (updated)
Okay, I'll bite.  What's HCI stand for?

I'm guessing it ends in "Connection Interface", but the H has me stumped.
Happy? Hostile? Hysterical? Hippopotamus?

If we're connecting a bluetooth compliant hippopotamus to Linux, I can only
hope there's an RFC somewhere explaining how to do it. That's not the kind
of thing you want to make up your own interface for. Especially since Alan
Cox is entirely likely to get bored enough to try and implement it some day.
The pigeons didn't stop him...


(I can just see Alan now, sneaking up on a hippopotamus with a blue magic
marker to color its teeth with, and whatever tiny PDA he's managed to port
Linux to by then. A wristwatch, probably. If Telsa is in the area, the
question becomes "is it possible to crash a hippopotamus?)

I need to go home now.
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