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    SubjectRe: obsolete code must die
    Em Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 09:55:54PM -0400, Horst von Brand escreveu:
    > "Daniel" <> said:
    > > I really think doing a clean up is worthwhile. Maybe while looking for stuff
    > > to clean up we'll even be able to better comment the existing code. Any
    > > other features people would like to get rid of? Any comments or suggestions?
    > > I'd love to start a good discussion about this going so please send me your
    > > 2 cents.
    > Try it, and come back with patches.

    hey, the KJP needs volunteers to tackle this bug/cleanup list:

    More info available at, the Stanford
    Checker also found bugs that have to be fixed (link provided in the KJP
    page), please help.

    As for what I want to get rid of? Bugs, getting rid of those would be
    excellent ;)

    - Arnaldo (the one that is porting a network stack to 2.4 that would warrant
    death penalty if Daniel was the judge ;) )
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