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    SubjectRe: obsolete code must die
    Daniel wrote:
    > Anyone concerned about the current size of the kernel source code? I am, and
    > I propose to start cleaning house on the x86 platform. I mean it's all very
    > well and good to keep adding features, but stuff needs to go if kernel
    > development is to move forward. Before listing the gunk I want to get rid
    > of, here's my justification for doing so:
    > -- Getting rid of old code can help simplify the kernel. This means less
    > chance of bugs.
    > -- Simplifying the kernel means that it will be easier for newbies to
    > understand and perhaps contribute.
    > -- a simpler, cleaner kernel will also be of more use in an academic
    > environment.
    > -- a smaller kernel is easier to maintain and is easier to re-architect
    > should the need arise.
    > -- If someone really needs support for this junk, they will always have the
    > option of using the 2.0.x, 2.2.x or 2.4.x series.
    > So without further ado here're the features I want to get rid of:
    > i386, i486
    > The Pentium processor has been around since 1995. Support for these older
    > processors should go so we can focus on optimizations for the pentium and
    > better processors.
    > math-emu
    > If support for i386 and i486 is going away, then so should math emulation.
    > Every intel processor since the 486DX has an FPU unit built in. In fact
    > shouldn't FPU support be a userspace responsibility anyway?
    > ISA bus, MCA bus, EISA bus
    > PCI is the defacto standard. Get rid of CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ISAPNP,
    > CONFIG_ISAPNP, etc
    > ISA, MCA, EISA device drivers
    > If support for the buses is gone, there's no point in supporting devices for
    > these buses.
    > all code marked as CONFIG_OBSOLETE
    > Since we're cleaning house we may as well get rid of this stuff.

    If you don't want it, don't build it into your kernel.

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