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SubjectRe: [: Getting A Patch Into The Kernel] (fwd)
Dear Mr. Craig Lyons,

> Hello,
> My name is Craig Lyons and I am the marketing manager at Promise Technology.
> We have a question and are hoping you can point us in the right direction.
> In the 2.4 kernel there is support for some of our products (Ultra 66, Ultra
> 100, etc.). As you may or may not know, our Ultra family of controllers
> (which are just standard IDE controllers and do not have RAID) use the same
> ASIC on them as our FastTrak RAID controllers do. The 2.4 kernel will
> recognize our Ultra family of controllers, but there is a problem in that a
> FastTrak will not be recognized as a FastTrak, but as an Ultra.
> Consequently, the array on the FastTrak is not recognized as an array, but
> instead each disk is seen individually, and the users data cannot be
> properly accessed.

This is not correct. Kernel 2.4.5-ac13 and later have a driver to
support the Fasttrak
raid system. I wish Promise was more helpful during the development of
this driver,
as it is currently developed fully independent and without any help /
support or even
acknowledgement of Promise. As a result, not yet all RAID modes and
configurations are
fully supported.

Arjan van de Ven
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