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SubjectRe: Disaster under heavy network load on 2.4.x
It looks like you don't have 'lo' configured, i.e. your interface.


Michal Margula wrote:

>My friend told me to noticed you about problems I had with 2.4.x line of
>kernels. I started up from 2.4.3. Under heavy load I was getting
>messages from telnet, ping, nmap "No buffer space available". Strace
>told me it was error marked as ENOBUFS.
>First thought was it was my fault. I asked many people and nobody could
>help me. So I tried 2.4.5. It was a disaster also (should I mention few
>Second thought was to try 2.2.19 and it was good choice. Now there are
>almost no messags like those above. Only thing that still happens is
>"Neihgbour table overflow".
>Some data about my Linux box:
>2 x PIII 800 MHz/1024 MB; 2 x Intel EExpres 100; 3 x 3com 3c900B-Combo.
>Summarizing all traffic about 5mbit at the moment.
># arp -an | wc -l
> 1018
>Any more info needed?
>PS. It would be nice to be CCed with replies, beacause I am not
>subscribed to LKML.

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