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Subjectsevere FS corruption with 2.4.6-pre2 + IBM jfs 0.3.4 patch
It's probably a JFS issue, but I thought I'd report this in case someone
is collecting and correlating filesystem corruption messages (Alan?).
Here is my sad story.

I have an Athlon 700MHZ, 256mb ram, AIC7XXX w 2/U2W drives system. I've
been running JFS on a small partition for a few weeks, JFS 0.3.1 under
2.4.5, 0.3.3 with 2.4.6-pre1 and yesterday I tried 2.4.6-pre2 with jfs

I rebooted into the new kernel, and noticed one of those Red Hat [FAIL]
messages that pops up during the rc/init stages. It's a config problem
I've had for months, nothing new, but I decided I'd take care of it. I
logged into the console, ran emacs and it segfaulted. I ran 'dmesg' but
there was nothing (I was expecting to see an oops). I ran emacs again,
segfault. I tried logging in to another console, hang.

At this point I hit sysrq-T, and of everything that spewed by, I noticed
one process (which had scrolled to far off the screen to see the PID)
with a whole lot of
<dbdbdbdb> <dbdbdbdb> <dbdbdbdb> in the stack trace.

At this point I did sysrq-S-U-B and rebooted. End of story.

My filesystems were severely f***ed at this point. A total of about 60
seconds running this kernel and I was dead. My OS partition was
trashed, about 1/2 of it was unrecoverable. My home partition fared
better (good luck) but still had plenty of trashed inodes.

I've never had problems with any kernels before this...

That's my story,

David Mansfield (718) 963-2020
Ultramaster Group, LLC
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