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SubjectRe: rsync hangs on RedHat 2.4.2 or stock 2.4.4
On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Rasmus Andersen did have cause to say:

> On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 02:59:12PM +0100, Jeremy Sanders wrote:
> > I'm getting numerous rsync (v2.4.6) problems under Linux 2.4.2 (RedHat
> > 7.1) or stock 2.4.4 on several machines. rsync often hangs copying files
> I could swear that during early 240-testX this was not a problem,
> but when I finally made a report about it and tried to go back
> through earlier kernels, I could not reproduce. Also, this is
> not reproducable under 2.2.X (for me, at least).

Just a 'me too!' but I'm inclined to think 'rsync bug' because it happens
on Redhat+2.4.x, Debian+2.4.x and Debian+2.2.18 - we finally gave up on
rsync for big-stuff-site-to-site and went back to scp. (It was -way-
faster to scp 4 gigs than to rsync the 50 megs or so of changes. It would
run, then freeze (usually at different places - if it froze twice in the
same place we'd just scp the file manually), so we'd wander past and
kill/restart it, repeat. Fastest total was 4 days, where the two of us
checked it every couple of hours over the weekend.)

We're (trying to) using it in real-life-big-data environment, so if you
need debuggers/more info/etc let me know.

(I'm on LKML but not rsync-bugs, so cc me from that side.. thanks!)

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