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SubjectRe: rsync hangs on RedHat 2.4.2 or stock 2.4.4
* David S. Miller ( wrote:
> Russell King writes:
> > At the time I suggested it was because of a missing wakeup in 2.4.2 kernels,
> > but I was shouted down for using 2.2.15pre13. Since then I've seen these
> > reports appear on lkml several times, each time without a solution nor
> > explaination.
> >
> > Oh, and yes, we're still using the same setup here at work, and its running
> > fine now - no rsync lockups. I'm not sure why that is. ;(
> Look everyone, it was determined to be a deadlock because of some
> interaction between how rsync sets up it's communication channels
> with the ssh subprocess, readas: userland bug.
> I don't remember if the specific problem was in rsync itself or some
> buggy version of ssh. One can search the list archives to discover
> Alexey's full analysis of the problem. I don't have a URL handy.

I have to say I find this likely to be the case for those who are
having issues with rsync over ssh. I was recently playing with
rsync over ssh (newer openssh to older openssh) and was just using
it as a pass-through to another machine.

When I replaced ssh with rinetd, everything worked fine. I havn't
had a chance yet (though I'd like to) to try with two recent versions
of ssh but I'm curious what the result will be. It may be that the
problem has been fixed in later versions of ssh.

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