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SubjectAVM A1 pcmcia, kernel 2.4.5-ac11 problem
Dear experts,

I hope not to be off topic! (In that case could you tell me where to ask?)
I can´t get my avm a1 pcmcia card running.

My system:
kernel 2.4.5-ac11

Kernel of course is compiled with ISDN support and low-level AVM-A1-PCMCIA.
After installation in /lib/modules hisax.o can be found, but not avma1_cs.o

My /etc/pcmcia/config looks like:
device "avma1_cs"
class "isdn" module "net/slhc", "misc/isdn", "misc/hisax" opts
"type=26 protocol=2", "avma1_cs"
card "AVM ISDN-Controller A1"
version "AVM", "ISDN A"
bind "avma1_cs"


cardmgr[1070]: executing: ´modprobe hisax type=26 protocol=2´
kenel: HiSax: Linux Driver for passive ISDN cards
kenel: HiSax: Version 3.5 (module)
kenel: HiSax: Layer1 Revision
kenel: HiSax: Layer2 Revision
kenel: HiSax: TeiMgr Revision
kenel: HiSax: Layer3 Revision
kenel: HiSax: LinkLayer Revision
kenel: HiSax: Approval certification valid
kenel: HiSax: Approved with ELSA Microlink PCI cards
kenel: HiSax: Approved with Eicon Technology Diva 2.01 PCI cards
kenel: HiSax: approved with Sedlbauer Speedfax + cards
cardmgr[1070]: executing: ´modprobe avma1_cs´
cardmgr[1070]: + modprobe: Can´t locate module avma1_cs
cardmgr[1070]: modprobe exited with status 255
cardmgr[1070]: module /lib/modules/2.4.5-ac11/pcmcia/avma1_cs.o not
cardmgr[1070]: get dev info on socket 1 failed: Resource temporarily


Maybe someone can tell me, what´s wrong or what i have forgotten to do.

Joerg Boenisch
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