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SubjectGetting A Patch Into The Kernel

My name is Craig Lyons and I am the marketing manager at Promise Technology.
We have a question and are hoping you can point us in the right direction.
In the 2.4 kernel there is support for some of our products (Ultra 66, Ultra
100, etc.). As you may or may not know, our Ultra family of controllers
(which are just standard IDE controllers and do not have RAID) use the same
ASIC on them as our FastTrak RAID controllers do. The 2.4 kernel will
recognize our Ultra family of controllers, but there is a problem in that a
FastTrak will not be recognized as a FastTrak, but as an Ultra.
Consequently, the array on the FastTrak is not recognized as an array, but
instead each disk is seen individually, and the users data cannot be
properly accessed. We have a patch that fixes this and are wondering if it
is possible to get this patch into the kernel, and if so, how this would be

I apologize if this is the incorrect e-mail to be making this request to. If
this is not the correct address to be posting this message, any assistance
as to where it should be directed would be greatly appreciated.



Craig Lyons
Marketing Manager
Promise Technology
1460 Koll Circle
San Jose, CA 95112
Voice - 408-452-0948 ext. 241
Fax - 408-452-1534

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