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SubjectRe: BCM5700, 1000 Mbps driver
Alan Cox:
> > * Are there anyone testing/maintaing this driver, trying to get it into the
> > standard kernel source?
> Not right now that I know of. Nobody who read the source code did anything
> more constructive than run to throw up.

Are there any places (besides other drivers in the kernel) to look for
documents on how to write module-drivers/in-kernel drivers?

> > * If not, would it be rude for me to make it work with the latest kernels,
> > and then submitt it? (I won't take credit for anything I haven't done, but
> > since I haven't written the driver itself, I don't know what you guys think)
> It does want a lot of clean up as well but go for it. I'm sure you will get
> plenty of comments on what needs cleaning up

Should I start by giving people a link to the source code? ;) We need this
driver by the end of this summer, so I thought that making something that
could go in the std. kernel-tree was the best way of doing things. That way
we don't have to patch stuff each time either.

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