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SubjectRe: IBM PPC 405 series little endian?
On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 01:34:21PM +0200, Zehetbauer Thomas wrote:
> Has someone experimented with running linux in little-endian mode on IBM
> PowerPC 405 (Walnut) yet?

Well, first, I have to ask, why??

First, if you need to deal with little endian data, on a PPC stwbrx &
lwbrx are your friends.

With the possible exception of the matrox guy, I haven't heard of ANYONE
running in LE mode on ppc. The second problem is going to be to recompile
ALL the applications you want and hope they work.

Finally, if you're doing anything that connects to the internet, remember
that network byte order is big-endian. You might find it interesting that
even Intel is now re-discovering the usefullness of big-endian in some of
their strongarm/Xscale processors.

Troy Benjegerdes | master of mispeeling | 'da hozer' |
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