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SubjectFollow-up: Re: Clock drift on Transmeta Crusoe (Sony Vaio C1VE)
Seems to be a rather common problem and probably that
is why only Mark Hahn has replied so far, but
searching through Google most other computers seem to
get a clock drift of only 1 minute per day at worst,
and I have consistently seen my system clock doing 4
minutes a day slower than its hardware clock, my other
PC and my VCR.

This is rather odd, has anyone experienced anything
like this on the Vaio Crusoe before?


--- Mark Hahn <>
wrote: > > It is .. 32-bit I/O, multimode turned on,
> read-ahead,
> > DMA on. Does it affect the system clock in any
> way?
> none of the rest matters as long as dma is on. the
> issue
> is whether other irq-handling interferes with
> handling the
> system clock tick. but I had the impression that
> crusoe
> provided TSC, or something like it. didn't you say
> your problem only happens when compiled for notsc
> (386)?

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