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SubjectClock drift on Transmeta Crusoe

Searching through the mailing list I could not find a
reference to this problem, hence this post.

Having ran various kernel and distribution
combinations (SGI's 2.4.2-xfs bundled with their Red
Hat installer, 2.4-xfs-1.0 and 2.4 CVS trees, Linux
Mandrake with default kernel 2.4.3, and lastly
2.4.5-ac9), compiled for generic i386 and/or Transmeta
Crusoe with APM off or on, one thing sticks out : a
clock drift of a few minutes per day.

This problem might not be noticeable for most users
since notebooks are not normally left running that
long, but it is rather serious. I can choose not to
sync the software and hardware clock on shutdown and
re-read the hardware clock every hour or so but it is
rather kludgy.

Any suggestions and/or user experiences more than



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