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Subject[isocompr PATCH]: announcing stable port to kernel 2.2.18
Dear mailing list members,
you will find at
the first public release of my updates (for 2.2.18) of an old patch
(due to Eric Youngdale and Adam J. Richter) to allow the use
of transparent compression of files on iso9660 images.

This means you can pack over 1Gb of data on a usual CD. Also, since
reading off the CD is actually slower than decompressing data, an overall
speed improvement comes as a bonus.

The current version of the patch for 2.2.18 is very stable (we use it
for DemoLinux [see] heavily), and I wonder if it could
not be a good idea to see if this code can be folded into the official releases
sometime in the future (I have been looking at 2.4.x code, but the new page
cache means some changes might be needed: I will try to post a first version
for 2.4.x soon).

Please feel free to use this code (at your own risk), test it and report bugs

Since I am not currently subscribed to the kernel mailing list, please
contact me directly by e-mail, for any comments.

Sincerely yours

--Roberto Di Cosmo

PPS E-mail:
Universite Paris VII WWW :
Case 7014 Tel : ++33-(1)-44 27 86 55
2, place Jussieu Fax : ++33-(1)-44 27 68 49
F-75251 Paris Cedex 05
FRANCE. MIME/NextMail accepted
Office location:

Bureau 6C14 (6th floor)
175, rue du Chevaleret, XIII
Metro Chevaleret, ligne 6
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