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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 15 probable security holes in 2.4.5-ac8
Hi Alan.

>> Ideally, yes. However, client side DSP at these kinds of data
>> rates still isn't practical. Most people are lucky if they can
>> get 9600 baud, although admittedly some of that is a function of
>> trying to use a standard sound card with it's limited input
>> bandwidth (apx 22Khz).

> A P200 can do the DSP work required to do 9600 baud with full
> FEC. I doubt you'll find USB on anything slower

I can list two machines with USB that are slower - and I run both of

1. P166 (non-MMX) based, with USB on the motherboard. Currently
unused, but I plan on plugging a digital camera SmartMedia card
reader into it when I get one.

2. 486dx4/120 with USB on a plug in ISA-bus card (I'm not joking

I'll admit that I was surprised to come across that ISA-bus USB card
at a local radio rally, but as they only wanted £2.50 for it, I paid
the pennies and tried it out. It works fine for my scanner interface
although I've never tried it for anything else.

Best wishes from Riley.

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