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Subject2.4.4 isapnp - wrong set of resources chosen

Robin Cull and I have OPL3-SA2 isapnp cards. Sometimes we get assigned
the wrong resource set. These cards do not take kindly to Alternate
resources 0:1 Priority acceptable, in fact they are completely broke,
so it is important to us that they get their first choice ;-)

The trouble is that isapnp auto conf does not always take the first
choice, even when it is available! This happens to me everytime I
unload and reload the opl3sa2 module, but can also be seen after
unloading the module by doing

card 0 YMH0020
dev 0 YMH0021

The second config is chosen (see attached /proc/isapnp). However,
activating the first config by hand works fine - on reloading the
module it plays sounds just dandy.

card 0 YMH0020
dev 0 YMH0021
port 0 0x220
port 1 0x530
port 2 0x388
port 3 0x330
port 4 0x370
dma 0 0
dma 1 1
irq 0 5

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