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SubjectWhat happend to ASTOR like ?

Sorry if this does not fit in the kernel list.
Does anybody know what happend to astor from
I hope no bad things.
This since kerneli development is falling far behind without any notice in the
We are developing for the real world also remember?! Many users of the kernel
and int kernelpatches won't read anything that is only part of discussion
amongst developers and not in the real media.
All those people are now wondering if it is of any use to continue
using/waiting for new kerneli patches.

note: I know, I know...there are many people who think you should not use the
kerneli patches. But if it was so bad then why distributing them from and even give it its own download directory there and call it


L Laressen

PS: please cc any reply to my private mail address as listed above also.
Thank you!

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