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SubjectRe: [patch] truncate_inode_pages
On Sunday 10 June 2001 03:31, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > This is easy, just set the list head to the page about to be truncated.
> Works for me.

It looks good, but it's black magic - it could use a comment along the lines

* Ensure at least one pass through all three lists with lock held

There is some fuzz on the original code that could use a scrubbing. "start"
should not be the 1st full page needing truncating, it should be the first
page needing truncating at all, full or partial.

The truncation condition becomes:

- if ((offset >= start) || (*partial && (offset + 1) == start)) {
+ if (offset >= start) {
- if (*partial && (offset + 1) == start)
+ if (*partial && offset == start)

Then the conditions are so easy to test it's not worth passing the &partial,
just pass lstart... and... oh bother, it's not broke, why fix it ;-)


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