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SubjectRe: How to compile kernel for Geode GX1
If you are using the vesa framebuffer on the Geode, you will also want to 
make a minor change to vesafb.c. Because the framebuffer is located within
the processor itself, requesting the memory region always caused my Geode
boxes to freeze. I think that we can safely eliminate this call, since we
know the memory is always available:

--- /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/vesafb.c Thu Mar 8 10:35:53 2001
+++ vesafb.c Tue Mar 27 09:13:22 2001
@@ -519,12 +519,14 @@
video_visual = (video_bpp == 8) ?

+#ifdef NOTUSED
if (!request_mem_region(video_base, video_size, "vesafb")) {
"vesafb: abort, cannot reserve video memory at 0x%lx\n",
return -EBUSY;

video_vbase = ioremap(video_base, video_size);
if (!video_vbase) {
-- embed this! --

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