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SubjectRe: REVISED: Experimentation with Athlon and fast_page_copy
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Trace; c01b956a <ide_build_dmatable+2a/120>
> > Trace; c01b3fb5 <ide_set_handler+55/60>
> > Trace; c01b9aca <ide_dmaproc+11a/210>
> > Trace; c01b9380 <ide_dma_intr+0/b0>
> > Trace; c01b9940 <dma_timer_expiry+0/70>
> > Trace; c01bd457 <do_rw_disk+257/300>
> > Trace; c01b4d2a <ide_wait_stat+7a/e0>
> > Trace; c01b5010 <start_request+160/210>
> > Trace; c01b51ff <ide_do_request+10f/340>
> We seem to be several layers into recursive use of the ide driver - which
> shouldnt happen. In fact if these are the same interface the second dmatable
> build would leave HWIF(drive)->sg_table wrong.
> > Trace; c01866ce <__make_request+4ae/6f0>
> > Trace; c01866e6 <__make_request+4c6/6f0>
> > Trace; c01b956a <ide_build_dmatable+2a/120>
> > Trace; c01b3fb5 <ide_set_handler+55/60>

I think maybe it smells like a configuration problem, I have a pair of ATAPI
drives on the second ide which I run with SCSI emulation. I'll see if I can
get a better look, with arguments to the calls.


The Daemons lurk and are dumb. -- Emerson
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