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Subjectpatch: packet-0.0.2k

Put up the final packet-0.0.2k patch, against 2.4.4 and 2.4.5-pre1.
A more complete changelog, since packet-0.0.2j:

- Fix b_count bh bug, forgot to release buffers
- Fix lock_buffer buf
- Remove pkt_gather_data rerun to print buggy buffer list, that
bug has been fixed.
- Changed proc layout to /proc/driver/pktcdvd/pktcdvdX, one file
per writer. Also compiles without proc fs support now.
- Set quiet bit on write cache settings, drive may not support
- Remove PACKET_WAKEUP ioctl (buggy too, noticed by jgarzik)
- Merge with 2.4.5-pre1
- Added recovery mode
- (with above) Added relocate_blocks super operation
- Missing break in PACKET_GET_STATS ioctl
- invalidate_device changes
- Always piggy buffers to maintain b_end_io consistency
- Change several BUG's to complain and abort nicely
- Remove __dump_rq from ll_rw_blk and SCSI
- Updated INSTALL and FAQ
- Added kernel UDF diff
- Fixup end_request handling
- Put unplug back in
- Rewrite kernel thread setup/exit
- Set device RO on BLKROSET


The sourceforge packages are going up as I write this, so should be
there very soon. Note that a UDF patch is now included against the
kernel UDF, so you don't have to use cvs udf for a stable setup.

Background -- this is a module that allows transparent writing to CD-RW
(CD-R will follow) discs, so you can use it as a big floppy basically.

Jens Axboe

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