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SubjectRe: SCSI Tape corruption - update

For comparison purposes,

I use stock kernel 2.4.4.
Use scsi tape support as module.
Tape drive is HP c1539 (aka 1533a) dds-2.
This drive is on the scsi chain of Tekram dc390, tmscsim driver
(used as module).
Hardware compression is enabled.

Under this setup,

tar cvbf 20 /dev/st0 large_directory

works perfectly, and I can read it back without problem.

What software do you use for writing to tape?

Or maybe the problem is in the latest -ac tree only?

(HP has a software that checks the hardware installation and
drive health.
The software runs on Windows, and it supports firmware upgrade,
simple drive self-check, read/write check, etc. Highly recommended.
Obviously, the software is meant to help the HP tech support.
It generates a support ticket with the internal state of the firmware
media recoverable error statistics history and the like.

If the manufacturer of your tape drive has
a similar test software, you might want to check
the hardware using the vendor software.)

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