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SubjectQuestion: Status of VIA chipsets and 2.2 kernels
What with all the various problem reports flying around for via
chipsets, Ive lost track of the state of play as regards via
northbridges and south bridges.
I am thinking of buying a machine with a via chipset and I wan't to know
how stable it is likely to be with Linux.
I would appreciate it if someone who know's whats going on can give a
report on the state of play
as regards to all the problems and their current status with 2.2 kernels
(and 2.4 if their feeling energetic).

Possible machine are:
a P3 machine with a ASUS CUV4X-E motherboard which uses the apollo pro
694X northbridge and a 686B southbridge.

An athlon machine with an ASUS A7V motherboard which uses a KT133
(VT8363) northbridge and a 686A southbridge.

An athlon machine with an ASUS A7V133 motherboard which uses a KT133A
(VT8363A) northbridge and a 686B southbridge.

Problems Ive been hearing about include DMA disk transfers between
channels. Some reports say these only occur with Western digital disks.
The 2 athlon boards listed include an onboard promise IDE controller. So
I should be OK if I use this for disks, right?

Any other problems I should know about?

Robert Cohen
Unix Support
Australian National University
Ph: 612 58389
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