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SubjectRe: kdb wishlist
> >>>>> "slurn" == slurn <> writes:
> >>
> >> Keith Owens wrote:
> >> >
> >> > This is part of my kdb wishlist, does anybody fancy writing the code to
> >> > add any of these features? It would be a nice project for anybody
> >> > wanting to start on the kernel. Replies to please.
> >> > Current patches at
> >> >
> >> > * Change kdb invocation key from ^A to ^X^X^X within 3 seconds. ^A is
> >> > used by emacs, bash, minicom etc.
> >> >
> >> ^X^X swaps point and mark in emacs. One (well, I) often will do
> >> ^X^X^X^X to examine where mark is and then return to point.
> slurn> How about using the break condition instead. This is only for the
> slurn> serial port, and most terminal emulators (e.g. kermit, minicom) provide
> slurn> a means to generate a break condition on the serial port.
> kdb uses BREAK in the serial port (that minicom uses C-a for sending a
> break is an anecdote :) But the problem at hang is the console. I
> vote for the ^X^X^X as I a think that it is not a difficult shortcut.
> (and yes, I also use emacs and ^X^X all the time, but I think that
> this combination is not specially bad, and I suppose that the pet
> aplication of other people will have problems with something like:
> ^A^A^A that I never use).
> Later, Juan.

Unless something has changed, the console uses the 'pause'
key and the serial port uses ^A (for x86, anyway).

I may be out of date, however.


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