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SubjectRe: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
Alan Cox wrote:

> > But Alan's point is a good one. There are _lots_ of cases you can't get away
> > with things like this, unless you get very fine grained. In fact, it would
> > be much eaiser to do this seperately from the kernel. Ie another,
> There are also a lot of config options that are implied by your setup in
> an embedded enviromment but which you dont actually want because you didnt
> wire them
> Second guessing is not ideal. As a 'make the default config nice' trick - great

This is easy without changing CML2. Make another config option
for auto-enabling hardware you "probably have"

Rules of the form "X86 and PARPORT implies PARPORT_PC" can then
be transformed to "X86 and PARPORT and PROBABLE_HARDWARE implies

Those who want a nice & easy config may then turn PROBABLE_HARDWARE on.
Those who want tricks like using only nonstandard (hi-performance?)
ports on their pc and save memory on skipping drivers for the built-in
stuff can do so by turning the probable setting off.

Helge Hafting
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