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SubjectRe: kdb wishlist

What would be really great is to add the following item to your wishlist:

* make it possible (it is trivial but a pain to have to do it manually
every time I upgrade to your latest version!) for those extra "modules" to
be statically linked in. So that one doesn't have to keep these lines
in the rc.local

if [ -f /proc/sys/kernel/kdb ]
insmod kdbm_pg > /dev/null 2>&1
insmod kdbm_vm > /dev/null 2>&1

and then discover that the modules are from the compilation corresponding
to a different tweak in page.h or highmem or whatever (let him who readeth
understand ;)

Long time ago I suggested removing the infrastructure for these "modules"
completely (justification being -- it is not useless _only_ in a very
exotic case of the need to teach kdb new features on a running kernel
without permission to reboot) but you objected and that is fine, but at
least making it optionally possible would be _very nice_, please.


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