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SubjectRe: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
> > Not all Mac's use the same SCSI controller
> Yes, but in this case 'MAC' means m68k mac, which this _might_ be valid, but
> I never did get Linux up and running on the m68ks I had..

68K macs use the 53C80 and 53C9x controllers

> But Alan's point is a good one. There are _lots_ of cases you can't get away
> with things like this, unless you get very fine grained. In fact, it would
> be much eaiser to do this seperately from the kernel. Ie another,

There are also a lot of config options that are implied by your setup in
an embedded enviromment but which you dont actually want because you didnt
wire them

Second guessing is not ideal. As a 'make the default config nice' trick - great

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