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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFT] smbfs bugfixes for 2.4.4
> No, I broke it when copying the ncpfs dircache code.
> That code will reuse an old inode if it already exists (and thus also
> any pages attached to it), which is what I wanted and should be fine
> except that it needs to invalidate_inode_pages() if something changed.
> Xuan and James, you have both seen this bug with smbfs not properly
> handling changes made on the server. Could you please test this patch
> vs 2.4.4 and let me know if it helps or not.


I am actually using a 2.4.3 kernel, rather than 2.4.4. However, I
manually applied the patches to my 2.4.3 kernel, and did some tests -
it appears to work now!

I probably won't be using Samba heavily until next week, but I will let
you know if I see any evidence that the problem is not fixed.

Thank you very much for the fix.

-- James

James H. Puttick

Kerr Vayne Systems Ltd.
1 Valleywood Drive, Unit 5A
Markham, Ontario L3R 5L9

+1 905 475 6161 office
+1 905 479 9833 fax
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