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SubjectRe: REVISED: Experimentation with Athlon and fast_page_copy
Alan Cox wrote:
> > the memory copy in the fast_page_copy routine. The machine then
> > proceeded
> > not to stop at my panic, but I got my "normal" oopses. I then had an
> Ok
> > idea and removed all the prefetch instructions from the beginning of the
> > routine and tried the resultin kernel. I now have no crashes.
> > What could this mean?
> I think it has to mean a hardware problem.

I don't think so, reasons below

> What still stands out is that exactly _zero_ people have reported the same
> problem with non VIA chipset Athlons.

Not any more :-(

Hi Alan,

IIRC this thread is about boot going catatonic right after unloading
I'm seeing that in 2.4.5-pre1 with Athlon stepping 2, AMD 751, MS-6195 mobo,
The machine is fine with kernels up through 2.4.4-pre3, and still works with

On that gear, there is no crash. The keyboard and display are alive and
SysRq works.
I have copied the stack trace for pid=1 and the processor dump. I'm short of
but I have a kind typist electrifying the trace, and I'll try to generate
ksymoops can digest.

Here is what a quick eyeballing of shows.

The code is at the end of init/main.c:init(). The processor dump shows
init() halted
in default_idle() from the sequence L6 -> init -> cpu_idle.

Trace of pid 1 shows it stuck in D state. The last addresses listed are from
filemap_nopage -> do_execve -> do_no_page -> handle_mm_fault -> __pmd_alloc
-> rwsem_down_write_failed -> stext_lock -> system_call. That looks fishy.

Earlier, it looks like handle_mm_fault is being triggered from

I'll post the full dump soon as I have it.

Btw, above happens with both gcc-2.95.3 and gcc-3.0-[20010423] compiled


The Daemons lurk and are dumb. -- Emerson
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