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SubjectRe: Wow! Is memory ever cheap!
Larry McVoy wrote:
> > >
> > > A) Fast has nothing to do with it, ECC runs at the same speed as non-ECC;
> >
> > "It" meaning BitKeeper.
> What does BitKeeper have to do with this conversation?
> s/BitKeeper/any_app_which_has_integrity_checks/
> Whether that app runs fast or not has nothing to do with ECC/non-ECC, right?
> And while whether that app runs fast or not may have something to do with
> other apps that you run along side of it, that's true for all apps, right?
> So why the focus on BitKeeper? Am I missing something?

Because your original post was "yeah, Bitkeeper is a memory hog but you
can get really cheap non-ECC RAM so just stuff your system with crappy
RAM and be happy." Doing so dedicates my system to running a small set
of applications, which I am utterly uninterested in.


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"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
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