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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 page fault handler not interrupt safe
At 18:12 07/05/2001, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>In particular, does anybody have a buggy Pentium to test with the F0 0F
>lock-up bug?

Yes, I have one. 2.4.3-ac6 (plus a few patches) detects the bug on boot up
and enables the work around. Running the f00f test program from SGI results
in the correct behaviour of a SIGILL signal being sent to the program.

>If anybody has such a beast, please try this kernel patch _and_ running

Oh my, I always considered it as a cute, fluffy bunny. No need to
bestialize it unnecessarily... (-;

>the F0 0F bug-producing program (search for it on the 'net - it must be
>out there somewhere) to verify that the code still correctly handles that

Am compiling 2.4.5-pre1 with your patch (manually applied as parts of it
were already in .5-pre1) right now. I will follow-up with results when it
has finished and I have tested it (i.e. don't hold your breath, it might be
a beast but it is a slow one...)

Best regards,


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