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Subjectlinux + Compaq Presario Laptop
Hello linux-kernel,

Hi !! I'm running linux on Compaq Presario 1215 Laptop. Kernel is,
as shipped with RH 7.0, 2.2.16. So, every time I press any of
sound<+-> buttons [of <Fn>+<Fx> {<Fn> = functional button, used in
conjunction with F1-F8 to alter various laptop-specific settings, and
to activate sleep mode, for example} ], linux crashes saying: "unable
to handle kernel-paging request at virtual address 00005b18", and lot
more (I can type it here, thought, I'm not sure if it's required, and
it'll consume lots of time to type it precisely).

I guess it's not desired behavior as for stable system, and it
should be fixed. I don't know if it's fixed already, just because
today I have no means to transport 25M kernel to small laptop
(moreover, there's no free space to compile kernel there), however,
I'm going to solve it soon. I'm sorry if it's fixed already, or any
stable and correct solution exists, and I'd be glad to hear about it.
It not, I'd be glad to assist in investigating this problem.

It's quite possible that I've got mailing list to submit my
blubbering at, and if so, I'm sorry for the abuse.

Best regards,

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