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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Thread core dumps for 2.4.4
Szabolcs Szakacsits wrote:
> On Thu, 3 May 2001, Don Dugger wrote:
> > The attached patch allows core dumps from thread processes in the 2.4.4
> > kernel. This patch is the same as the last one I sent out except it fixes
> > the same bug that `kernel/fork.c' had with duplicate info in the `mm'
> > structure, plus this patch has had more extensive testing.
> AFAIK Linux can't dump the threads to the same file as others but doing
> it to different files looks a bit scary. How the system behaves when you
> dump a heavy threaded app with a decent VM [i.e just think about a
> bloatware instead of malicious code]? How will the developer know which
> thread caused the fault? I've found dumping just the faulting thread is
> enough about 100% of the cases especially because [on SMP] others can
> run on and the dump is much more close to "garbage" then usuful info
> from a debug point of view.

Well I strongly dissagre with you - I need to know about all thread -
when I'm
developing my application and it crashes then sometimes thread which
has crashed is undetectable because of completely broken stack (C++
- but because I could inspect other threads I know which thread caused
(also I know in which state other thread have been - locked in mutex or

So if you think core dumps are garbage - use ulimit and you want ever
see them.
But for me I need all threads - and I like the behaviour of -ac kernel.


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