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SubjectRe: [PATCH] CPU hot swap for 2.4.3 + s390 support
> > >How far away is the capability to "teleport" processes from one machine to
> > >another over the network? Think of the uptime!
> > >
> >
> > It is here. Look at Mosix.
> No. Not for uptime.
> The "responsibility" for process completion does not get delegated. A process
> will always be bound to it's home-node (in mosix terms), no matter how far
> it's "teleported". If the home-node fails, the process won't know what hit
> it.
> There are good reasons why mosix let's processes depend on their home nodes.
> This is not meant as backstabbing mosix, it's a great environment for a lot
> of things.
> But it's not the universal silver bullet.

Take a look at

for something along the lines of what you want, I think (transparent process
migration between nodes). As a bonus, it's also architecture-independent.


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