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SubjectRe: page_launder() bug

Marcelo Tosatti writes:
> My point is that its _ok_ for us to check if the page is a dead swap cache
> page _without_ the lock since writepage() will recheck again with the page
> _locked_. Quoting you two messages back:
> "But it is important to re-calculate the deadness after getting the lock.
> Before, it was just an informed guess. After the lock, it is knowledge."
> See ?

In fact my patch isn't changing writepage behavior wrt. that page, it
is changing behavior with respect to laundering policy for that page.

Here, let's talk code a little bit so there are no misunderstandings,
I really want to put this to rest:

+ int dead_swap_page;
page = list_entry(page_lru, struct page, lru);

+ dead_swap_page =
+ (PageSwapCache(page) &&
+ page_count(page) == (1 + !!page->buffers));

Calculate dead_swap_page outside of lock.

/* Page is or was in use? Move it to the active list. */
- if (PageTestandClearReferenced(page) || page->age > 0 ||
- (!page->buffers && page_count(page) > 1) ||
- page_ramdisk(page)) {
+ if (!dead_swap_page &&
+ (PageTestandClearReferenced(page) || page->age > 0 ||
+ (!page->buffers && page_count(page) > 1) ||
+ page_ramdisk(page))) {

If dead_swap_page, ignore referenced bit heuristics.

- /* First time through? Move it to the back of the list */
- if (!launder_loop) {
+ /* First time through? Move it to the back of the list,
+ * but not if it is a dead swap page. We want to reap
+ * those as fast as possible.
+ */
+ if (!launder_loop && !dead_swap_page) {
list_add(page_lru, &inactive_dirty_list);

If dead_swap_page, ignore launder_loop. Again, another heuristic
test, not a "state correctness" test. "launder_loop" is not
protecting "state correctness" of what we do to the page.

Really, what does this have to do with swap counts and page counts?

It's a heuristic. In fact it even seems stupid to me to recalculate
dead_swap_page after we get the lock just for the sake of these

Maybe I should have diguised this bit as:

if (dead_swap_page)
do_writepage_first_pass = 1;

To divert people's brains to what the intent was :-)

David S. Miller
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