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Subject[Solved ?] Re: pcmcia problems after upgrading from 2.4.3-ac7 to 2.4.4
Alan Cox wrote:
> > my DE-620 pccard stopped working after upgrading the kernel from
> > 2.4.3-ac7 to 2.4.4. This is on a Toshiba 4080XCDT. I used the "good"
> > .config from the 2.4.3-ac7 build to do a make "oldconfig". The symptoms
> > at startup are:
> 2.4.4 has older pcmcia than 2.4.3-ac7. It might be that. Does 2.4.4-ac work ?

after some experimenting, I found a solution that works for me. Looking
at the README-2.4 file for the pcmcia-cs package, I found that there is
a strong advice AGAINST using the i82365 module when runnung 2.4.x
kernels. Instead yenta_sockets should be specified. I changed that and
guess what - pcmcia is working again for me.

I am not sure whether this should be closed alltogether. Maybe i82365
was not the proper choice for my hardware in the first place. Anyway,
the module seems to be retired as of 2.4.3-ac10/ac11. Maybe a hint
should go into the changes document.

Thanks for the patience
Martin Knoblauch | email:
TeraPort GmbH | Phone: +49-89-510857-309
IT Services | Fax: +49-89-510857-111 | Mobile: +49-170-4904759
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