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SubjectRe: problem when booting 2.4.2
On Sun, 6 May 2001, sri gg wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently compiled the 2.4.2 kernel on x86,
> and installed it. when booting off it, it fails to
> open the /dev/tty's and dumps the following messages..
> =========================================
> May 6 02:32:40 localhost /sbin/mingetty[786]:
> /dev/tty4: No such file or direct
> ory

I think you may have compiled in devfs support. You need to run devfsd
so it can map the old device names so programs like mingetty don't freak
out. I don't have the url handy but you can search for it on

> Another question which i wanted to ask was, how does
> the new kernel know where to find the new compiled
> modules in the /lib/modules directoy? I have my old
> modules in /lib/modules/2.2.16, and my new modules
> under /lib/modules/2.4.2.

The kernel will automagically look for modules in /lib/modules/<kernel
version>/. <kernel version> will be whatever the output of uname -r is
on your currently running kernel.


Mohammad A. Haque

"Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Project Lead
Don't drink and derive." --Unknown

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