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Subject[PATCH] Inconsistent constraint in asm-i386/rwsem.h

In include/asm-i386/rwsem.h:__up_read(), the auto variable 'tmp' is
asserted to be in edx. This patch adjusts the constraint to match
the variable.

It could be argued that tmp should be declared register instead. I
didn't because the function is inlined. The compiler will know how
much register pressure there is in each instance.


$ diff -u linux-2.4.5-pre1/include/asm-i386/rwsem.h~
--- linux-2.4.5-pre1/include/asm-i386/rwsem.h~ Sun May 6 05:48:08 2001
+++ linux-2.4.5-pre1/include/asm-i386/rwsem.h Sun May 6 07:17:36 2001
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@
" jmp 1b\n"
"# ending __up_read\n"
- : "+m"(sem->count), "+d"(tmp)
+ : "+m"(sem->count), "+m"(tmp)
: "a"(sem)
: "memory", "cc");

The Daemons lurk and are dumb. -- Emerson
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